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How to Add (the same) CTA to the Bottom of Every Blog Post

kajabi type: tutorials Feb 16, 2021
Kajabi, Blog

In this tutorial I will show you how to add the same CTA (Call to Action) to the bottom of ALL of your blog posts.

Every time you publish a blog post the CTA will be automatically be published at the bottom of your blog posts.

The CTA button can take them to a Landing Page, Checkout Page, URL, Download a File, Two Step Opt In, or a Section on the Page.

For example, you might want to provide people with the link to our Facebook Group, a social media channel, opt in to your email list, send directly to a checkout page, send them to a free training, download an e-book, schedule an appointment on your calendar, register for a webinar, etc.

The key here is that it needs to be a CTA that you want EVERYONE to do as it will be at the bottom of every single blog post. You can turn it off, or edit it at anytime and all blog posts will be automatically updated. 

Note: You can do this before you start publishing blogs, or after you have been blogging for a while.  You can change your CTA from time to time and all your blog posts will be updated.

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