Create Professional Images for your Online Course and Membership Sites

pillar 6: your signature offer Nov 11, 2020
Online Courses

When you create your digital products, you will need to create a lot of images. It is important that you create images that will help portray your digital product as a quality product, and one that creates the best learning environment for your students.

Although you can definitely hire someone to create these images, you may be surprised how easy it is to create your own professional looking images once you understand what is required and what tools to use.

When creating your digital products you will need to create the following images

Product Logo, Product Banner, Module and Lesson Thumbnails, Downloads (Transcripts, Worksheets)

 In this Mastery Workshop you will learn:

  • Why your images are important
  • What you need to decide on before creating your images
  • How to leverage your current brand
  • The size and types of images you'll need
  • How to create your images
  • Tools and resources to create your images
  • Best practices
  • Canva demonstration