Difference between Online Courses & Membership Sites

pillar 6: your signature offer Nov 11, 2020
Online Courses

Online Courses and Membership Sites are two of the most popular digital products you can create. While some online entrepreneurs create one or the other, some create both as part of their digital product portfolio. 

If you are like most people that are just getting started creating digital products, you might be confused with the differences between the two. 

In this Mastery Workshop, we will walk through the features and benefits of both. The differences are substantial, and depend on your subject matter, your ideal customer, and the type of content you like to create.

Once you understand the differences, then we will walk through examples by studying a sampling of online courses and membership sites.
At the end of this Mastery Workshop, you will know the differences between the two and can start thinking about which one is best for you to create.