Experts Package Design with Tanya McGill Freeman

offers type: guest experts type: masterclass Jun 06, 2021
Experts Design
If you’re someone who offers a fantastic service to your clients, your service deserves to be offered through a package representing the fantastic service you offer.
Maybe you’ve come across others’ offers, and you’re aching to create your own, but you have no idea where to start. Or, perhaps you’ve been offering packages, but you know now is a great time to refresh and optimize that awesome offering of yours. Either way, this class is for you!
All you need is one well-designed package. One well-designed package will be worth everything you put into creating it, many times over.
Topics we’ll cover:
  • The single, most important element of any package you’ll ever create
  • The many benefits of offering packages- for you and for your clients
  • Your “North Star Statement”: What it is, why it’s essential, and how to create one
  • How to choose a compelling name and description for your package
  • Structuring the time and terms so that the deliverables of your offer are clear
  • How to strategically price your package, even if you’ve never sold a thing and feel clueless about what to charge
  • To bonus or not to bonus? The potential upsides and downsides to offering a bonus—or several—with your package
BONUS: A list of high-value bonus offering ideas so you’ll be all set for your next bonus creation brainstorm!