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Facebook Group Foundations (MasterClass Replay)

facebook groups type: masterclass Feb 16, 2021
Are you thinking of creating your own online community to expand your audience and create a new place to offer your products and services?
Perhaps you already have a Facebook group of your own and you want to maximize it.
Either way you'll get a lot out of this training!
We will cover:
  • Why now is a good time to start your Facebook Group
  • What to think about before you start your group
  • How to approach your group
  • How to instill your values and ethics into your group
  • The settings you want to ensure are set before you open doors to your group (or you want to review in your existing group - don't get caught with these settings enabled!)
  • What to post in your group to start and keep your members engaged
GUEST EXPERT: Sandra De Freitas
Sandra is a community expert who helps entrepreneurs grow, engage and monetize their Facebook Groups.

She has had her hands in over 300 Facebook Groups, been part of 6 and 7 figure launches and been an online entrepreneur for 16 years!

She is known for her comedic personality, her love of coffee and her compassion for entrepreneurs.

She can be found at and in her Free Facebook Group: Groups for Entrepreneurs with Sandra De Freitas.