High Converting Sales Page Formula

sales strategies type: masterclass Jun 25, 2021

Your sales page can be the difference between the success and failure of your online programs.

You need a high converting sales page that develops the need for your online program, and is so persuasive your prospect excitedly pulls out their credit card and can't wait to dive into your online program.

Unfortunately, for many online marketers, the sales page is often an afterthought. They create their program and then slap together a lackluster, generic copy for their sales page that has no impact on your audience's decision to buy or not.

In this MasterClass, I am going to teach you why you should create your sales page before you create your online program.

In this MasterClass I will walk you through the following high converting formula with tips on how to write the copy for each section.

  • Headline
  • The Problem
  • The Solution
  • Your Credibility (Bio, experience)
  • Features & Benefits
  • Bonuses
  • The Close (Call To Action)
  • Scarcity & Urgency
  • Guarantee
  • FAQ
BONUS: You will receive a template you can use to create your sales page.