How to Create a Brand for your Online Course & Membership Sites

pillar 6: your signature offer Nov 11, 2020
Online Courses

You know what they say about first impressions, right?
Well, first impressions apply to your online courses and membership sites.

In order to attract your target market and increase conversions when you launch your digital products, you will want to make sure that your digital product's brand exhibits trust and authority. The first time people see the offering for your digital product you want them to trust you and have confidence that you will deliver what you are promising. 

This is not easy to do when we are so busy working on our lessons, recording our training videos, etc. 

In this Mastery Workshop, we will break down all the elements that you will need to decide on and create as your brand your digital product. You will learn best practices as well as digital tools that you can use as you create your brand. 

The end result will be an online course or membership site that exhibits authority and instills confidence in your ideal students and members.

Note:  There is a download that accompanies this workshop.