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How to Verify your Domain Name in Facebook Business Settings

facebook ads type: tutorials Feb 02, 2021
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In this tutorial I am showing you how to verify your domain name inside of Facebook Business Settings.

Facebook is requiring that you claim ownership of your domain name inside of Business Manager.  Doing so allows you to control the editing privileges of your links and other content to prevent misuse of your domain name. 

As per Facebook, Domain Verification is the best way to handle ownership if:

  • You have a larger number of Pages that are difficult to maintain manually via Open Graph markup tags
  • You have adopted or have the ability to adopt Business Manager to manage your assets
  • You have the ability to upload HTML files to the web root directory or the ability to edit DNS TXT records
  • You can edit Link Page Posts that link to content you own—ownership will eventually serve as a means to determine who has access to link editing
  • You want to control who can edit link descriptions on ads pointing to your domain.

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