Membership Launch Emails

pillar 6: your signature offer Nov 04, 2020

These membership site launch emails were developed to give you a starting point to build out your email campaign when you open up enrollment for your membership site.

Ideally, you will have been building up the anticipation and desire about your membership site before you deploy these membership site launch emails.

These emails were created around a 7 day open enrollment period.  Of course, you may want to shorten or lengthen your enrollment period.  You can do so be deleting or adding additional emails. 

As you review these email templates, you will see in red where you will add a link to your membership enrollment page. You will also see these [brackets] whenever you need to add your specific details. 

These were designed to be very simple, allowing you to add additional content or verbiage that makes them truly your emails.  Your subscribers are used to hearing from you, so make sure you insert your "voice" into these emails.