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How to Appeal a Facebook Ads Account Shutdown (Verbiage Swipe File) facebook ads type: swipe files Jun 06, 2021

It can happen to any of us.  Facebook can shut down our Facebook Ads Account.

In this post, I share verbiage that has successfully been used to reinstate people's Facebook Ad account. 

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How to Verify your Domain Name in Facebook Business Settings facebook ads type: tutorials Feb 02, 2021

In this tutorial I am showing you how to verify your domain name inside of Facebook Business Settings.

Facebook is requiring that you claim ownership of your domain name inside of Business Manager.  Doing so allows you to control the editing privileges of your links and other content to...

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Two Tips to Scale your Facebook Ads facebook ads type: quick tips Nov 04, 2020

Once you have your Facebook Ads running and they are converting it is time to scale your Facebook Ads.

It is important to know what you are doing when you scale your Facebook ads.

In this QUICK TIP I am sharing two tips you can use to scale your Facebook ads. There are two ways that you can...

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