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You are moments away from the training, coaching, and support you need to build and grow a profitable Online Expert Business without wasting thousands of dollars and years doing it the hard way by yourself.

Ready to share your expertise and tap into the soon to be
$325 billion e-learning industry 

but don't know how to get started creating an Online Expert Business?  

I believe that YOUR message matters and that you have a moral obligation to share it. I also believe that there is no easier way to share it than by building an Online Expert Business.

You possess a hard earned expertise developed over the years through your personal and professional experiences.

If you "modernize" your expertise and share it online, your message has a "million dollar" market value.

By embracing your expertise you can help people solve their problems or achieve their goals while building a life and business that you love.

I am determined to make sure that you know exactly what you need to do to create a profitable  Online Expert Business

Creating an Online Expert Business doesn't have to be so difficult

It Doesn't Require going broke purchasing thousands of dollars of programs and hiring 62 coaches  

In fact, you can get everything you need in just one place without breaking the bank. 

I've helped hundreds of seasoned professionals and subject matter experts create profitable
Online Expert Businesses 

Here is what I know to be the truth:

>>>>> There IS A WAY to build your Online Expert Business with REASONABLE assurance that it will be profitable  (because who wants to spend time wasting time and money? 

>>>>> There IS A WAY  to do it in a reasonable amount of time (because who has years to dedicate to the creating their Online Expert Business?) 

>>>>> There IS A WAY  to push through procrastination and create a PROFITABLE business (because enough already!)


Let me lay out the journey for you


There are so many decisions to make  selecting the various online business and tools you need to create and grow your Online Expert Business.

You'll need to learn about the most popular tools and how to use them so that you don't get stuck when it comes to the tech part of building your online empire. 


You'll need to create the online assets required to build your home on the web.

You'll need to develop messaging and a brand that attracts your ideal customers.

This includes your website, blogging, and social media profiles.


You'll need to identify who your perfect person is so that you can create messaging that attracts potential customers into your world. 

You need to build the know like and trust factor you so that you can provide solutions for them they will purchase.


The most valuable asset you will build in your business is an email list of subscribers that need exactly what you offer. 

You'll need to develop tried and true list building strategies and nurture your email subscribers so they are anxiously waiting for you to offer your paid services and programs. 


Your expertise can be monetized online in a variety of ways to create passive and recurring income .

You'll need to create a portfolio of online programs you can offer such as online courses, signature programs, membership sites, VIP Days, live training and paid workshops. 


Monetizing your expertise requires the implementation of successful sales strategies.

You'll need to select and implement a variety of live and evergreen marketing strategies. 


I've been creating and selling my expertise online since 1999.

My Name is Catherine Dove

Sharing my expertise online has been a passion of mine which allowed me to create a life and business that I absolutely love.

I registered my first domain name in 1999 and never looked back.

Having sold a 7 figure online training company in 2016, I have a proven track record of implementing the fundamentals of building an Online Expert Business. 

Since then, I've taken what I learned and now work full time helping entrepreneurs and experts like you monetize their expertise online. 


An Affordable Coaching & Training Membership Program 

Your one stop resource for training, coaching and community support that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating or growing your Online Expert Business!

Instead of purchasing course after course and wasting thousands of dollars, let me mentor you as we build your Online Expert Business TOGETHER 


 Here are your member benefits:  

On Demand Training

The Vault is an ever expanding source of valuable content ready for you to access as you build your Online Expert Business.

Everything is carefully organized and accessible with a quick key word search.

Training & Tutorials

As soon as you join, you will have access to the current library of training and tutorials created to help you build a profitable
Online Expert Business.

New content will be added on a regular basis so you can say goodbye to spending money on more programs.


Expert Library

Implement tasks in your Online Expert Business easier and quicker with the download library of resources such as Guides, Workbooks, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), Checklists, and Cheatsheets.

Implement best practices and winning strategies.

Expert Workshops

Building a profitable Online Expert Business requires the knowledge of a wide variety of topics.

In-depth insights on a variety of online business strategies and tactics is shared by Expert Guides invited to share their expertise. 

I'll bring the Experts to you!


Business Tools & Resources

You'll get guidance selecting and using the business tools and resources to build your Online Expert Empire.

Avoid making mistakes and spinning your wheels trying to figure out the tech side of an online business.


Designed to save your valuable time and money, you can access ready to use templates.

This includes social media graphics, webinar slides, workbooks, online course slide decks, etc.  


Swipe Files

No one likes staring at a blank screen and starting from scratch.  You'll have access to swipe files of content that you can copy and customize so you can keep moving forward creating your Online Expert Business. 

Expert Guidance, Advice & Feedback 

You can build and profit from your Online Expert Business much quicker if you can get timely advice and feedback from others that have gone before you.   

I host weekly group coaching calls across a variety of time zones so I can answer all of your questions and give you individual advice.  

Save thousands of dollars hiring multiple coaches.

Don't Build your Online Expert Business Alone

Our Club Community is the place to go for all your questions, asking for feedback, gaining support and getting to know other like minded #modernday experts.

We attract top quality people with a wide variety of expertise making the Club Community a valuable resource to turn to 24/7. 

NOW is the time to get started building your Online Expert Business... 

Your one stop resource for trainingcoaching and community support that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating or growing your Online Expert Business!

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If you don't feel like I've delivered on my promise, simply send me an email within 30 days and I will send you a prompt, no questions asked refund. 

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Your one stop resource for trainingcoaching and community support that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating or growing your Online Expert Business!

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